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2021 49th Annual Fall Show

 Opening on August 21 to August 29
Opening Vernissage 11-5pm
Continuing daily 11:00am-5:00pm

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Richard Gill 2021 Show "The Coast of Cornwall "
Aug 21-Aug 29/2021

Bittersweet Gallery presents the 49th Annual Show of Burnstown’s clay-relief sculptor Richard Gill. 
“The Coast of Cornwall “ ( UK) in sculpted clay relief will open August 21 outdoors on the grounds of the gallery.

Richard has invited two special guest metal artists: 

Fine metal artist David Ivens of Springtown and the garden sculpture of returning Renfrew artist Jack Stekelenburg.  

David works with the integrity of the metal to respect it as a commodity in limited supply. His interest in architecture, design, history, and nature brings his own unique creative twist to his work. He primarily works with metal in the non-ferrous group, the precious metals of silver and gold, or copper and its alloys of bronze and brass, or aluminum.

Stekelenburg creates one of a kind, abstract metal sculptures. Following in the footsteps of his philosophical and artistic mentors, he creates art as an unconscious, unscripted, wordless act of emotional expression.

The show will continue daily to August 29 on the grounds at Bittersweet Gallery and also indoors.

In the meantime, the gallery presents yet another inspired jewellery collection of Montreal designer Anne-Marie Chagnon showcasing the ever-changing inspirations and influences that mark the path of the artist. Propelled by an urge to celebrate the infinite nuances of nature, these new pieces embrace a true paradox. This balance is very much evident through the use of modest pieces, like the metallic link, Anne-Marie’s version of the timeless medallion etched with her own design,  as well as the classic cornicello an ancient amulet or talisman that was once worn for protection and to maintain peace and happiness.

Allied, multiplied, lined, laced, The 2021 collection is one of movement and unison. A cornucopia of lightweight chains that gracefully caress the neckline in a fluid, water-like manner, the jewellery sways to the rhythm of the wearer and melds into every move. Through color, form, material and size, this collection plays on many possible variations and personalization. 

For more information call Cheryl or Richard at 613 432 5254.

2012 marked Richard's 40th Anniversary Fall Show!
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Richard works from photographs, sketches, architectural drawings or concepts.

The work on the left was created from a photograph taken in Prague.

We look forward to seeing you, anytime,
Cheryl & Richard